About me


Hey you! First of all, welcome to my website. I really hope that you have found some useful content here. My main goal is to help you to find balanced lifestyle so that you can get more out of your every day life. I’m a huge believer in moderacy & balance.  Wellness is not supposed to be boring, not just another perfectionistic performance or strict instructions.
I’m really looking forward of sharing you my most energizing & effective tips in the field of exercise&mobility,  healthy eating&nutrition, better sleep&rest and power of mind& meditation. Even if I always point out the importance of health & wellbeing, I also get our need to look good aswell. I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to look AND feel your best at the same time!

Let’s get the boring facts out first. I’m a bachelor of health scienses, currently doing my masters thesis in the field of sports nutrition. I’m also a personal trainer, specialised in functional training, strenght and mobility. Besides that I instruct group fitness classes, give nutrition counselling and wellness coaching.

Little bit more about me. I’m also a wifey to most amazing man ever. I  love working out and especially having fun with it. I love coffee so much that it’s ridiculous. Broccoli is my fav vegetable (don’t hate me), but I also always have room for mud cake in my belly. I’m an ex-perfectionist learning to loosen up a bit.

Let’s find the balance together! Please comment & share any thoughts, I appreciate that 🙂