Why negative self-talk ruins your results

I believe that we’ve all been there. Facing some challenges when trying to improve our quality of life. Lifting heavier weights, starting a new healthier diet, adding more activity to our days, paying more attention to our sleeping regimen or finding some peace through meditation. It all goes well until… The negative self-talk begins. I can’t do this. I’m not good enough. It’s not worth it, I could just give up, I didn’t want it anyway. Does this sound familiar?

So why is negative self-talk so excrusiating? It makes you think less of you! There’s no way you can achieve your goals and get better if you don’t believe in yourself. It paralyzes. You’ll start thinking that you can’t do it, why then bother at all. The squat bar will not move if you don’t try move it. Healthy food doesn’t find it’s way to your belly if you don’t cook and choose to eat it. There’s not gonna be more time for sleeping if you don’t take it. You’ll get the point.

Would you really listen to someone b*tching you all day long? You can’t do this, you suck. I don’t think you would. Awful to say, but most of us do this to ourselves. It really doesn’t create the best conditions for changing your lifestyle. If all you here inside your head is whining, there’s no energy and willpower for developing yourself. And if there’s no willpower, it’s way way way harder to choose meditation instead of energy drink. It makes every healthy choice harder.

Sooo, let’s say youhave this negative self-talk habit (cause that’s what it is, a bad habit). What could you do to get out of it, get better results atthe gym and boost your wellness? The key point is that you need to notice that kind of self-talk. Immediately when the talk begins, pay attention to it. Observe it like a scientist: Well this is interesting! I have this kind of thought in my head. Thanks brain for this amazing idea.

Cause it really is just a thought. It doesn’t mean it’s true or you should act according to it. They are just ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts). There’s like an autopilot that immediately reacts negatively when you face challenges or possibilities. Good thing is that you can create new habits and positive self-talk as well. Shut don’t that autopilot, who’s not doing you any favours. Creating new thought patterns is hard work, needs huge amount of practise and some incremental improvements day by day. But I’m sure you’ll get there!

When you notice the nagging voice in your head, you can also try to add some positivity to the game. For example, I have had a enormous bad habit while trying new PR’s at the gym. I used to tell myself in advance that it’s not gonna get up. Well sure not if you tell that to yourself! When I realised the power of mind, I came up with a simple gym mantra: You are strong. Simple, yet powerful phraise. It echoes in my head every time I’m lifting. And it works! What could be your new positive mantra?

So here’s some of my thoughts on this subject! The main points were noticing your self-talk, practising new approach to your thoughts, creating new positive self-talk and mantras. Hope you liked it, I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!


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