Why Get Fit Fast -Schemes Don’t Work

There’s one typical scenario that I frequently face with my clients in the field of exercise and nutrition. It’s so common, that I’m more suprised if the person doesn’t think that way. In addition to it’s frequency, it’s also one of the most deathly things to your workout motivation & healthy lifestyle.

People want to go from zero to hundred as fast as possible. Preferably in milliseconds. They want a killer workout schedual and lettuce-based no carb food plans.
I kinda get it. They want results and they want them now. And that’s cool. There’s just a lot smarter solutions for achieving the goal. In this thought pattern there’s one main problem.

The things we do when we want fast results are most likely not that sustainable. Nobody really wants to do juice cleanse forever, eat bland tasting foods and eat according to a super strict meal plan in the long run. Same goes with exercise: You can tie yourself in working out 6 days a week for certain time period, with the same (boring) routines.


Is it even smart to work out every day? Especially when you start exercising, it’s really not that good idea. You can get some really astonishing results with “just” a couple of workouts a week. Even if you’re advanced, you can progress and achieve goals with 4 weekly workouts and some everyday activity.
I think that you should use the minimum rule: Only take the minimum dose that gets you the results you want. If you get results with three workouts a week, why would you do more?
Exercising too much (especially as a beginner) increases the risk of overuse injuries, poor recovery and ultimately even clinical overtraining. It usually affects your mood & motivation too: If you demand too much from yourself you can end up losing the motivation completely.

What happens after abandoning the meal plan or at the end of that strict workout program? You’ll just go back to your old routines or buy another health/nutrition/fitness/whatever plan?
The main problem of the “get fit fast” plans is that they don’t teach you the healthy lifestyle thats necessary for long term wellness. That’s not what they’re designed for: They are designed to get you fast results, yes, but not permanent solutions. If you you put in some effort and learn new healthy habits in terms of eating, moving and sleeping, you’ll eventually get better results. Find healthy foods you like, keep your workouts diverse and have fun. Healthy life isn’t that serious!

Cause in the long run, which one is better…
Eating & moving perfectly for 3–6 months OR
Eating & moving good enough for the rest of your life?


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